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S.No Subject GO Number GO Date View / Download Link File Format
1Constitution of SUDA27630-10-2017View/DownloadPDF
2Appointment of Chairman and Board Members272 18-04-2018View/DownloadPDF
3Appointment of Vice Chairman, SUDA851 13-12-2019View/DownloadPDF
4Master Plan of HADA28703-04-2008View/DownloadPDF
5Building Rules16807-04-2012View/DownloadPDF
6Fire Prevention & Safety Measures205 14-05-2012View/DownloadPDF
7Upgradation of Siddipet Municipality264 09-07-2012View/DownloadPDF
8Levying of User Charges for Scrutiny of Layout125 22-03-2014View/DownloadPDF
9SDF for Siddipet Development224 05-12-2014View/DownloadPDF
10Minimum One Acre for Layout Development102 28-08-2015View/DownloadPDF
11Ammendment of Building Rules7 05-01-2016View/DownloadPDF
12Ammendment to Layout Development Regulations10 05-01-2016View/DownloadPDF
13Development Charges - Revision of Rates225 30-08-2016View/DownloadPDF
14Land Pooling306 07-12-2017View/DownloadPDF
15Building / Layout Permissions to UDA356 18-05-2018View/DownloadPDF
16Extension of LRS to Villages merged in Municipality261 29-10-2019View/DownloadPDF
17Implementation of LRS to UDA's265 08-11-2019View/DownloadPDF
18Ammendment to Layout Rules276 02-07-2020View/DownloadPDF
19Tender Procedure and Registration of Contractor Rules94 01-07-2003View/DownloadPDF
20Amedment to Para (13)(i) of Annexure-I to GO MS No. 94, DT: 01-07-2003133 20-11-2004View/DownloadPDF
21Extension of time limit for receipt LRS applications upto 30-09-202077 23-05-2020View/DownloadPDF
22 Extension of time limit for receipt LRS applications upto 30-09-202076 23-05-2020View/DownloadPDF

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